Teaming up with Munich eSports

eSport with heart from Bavaria


Establishing esports in society - from the heart of Bavaria. That’s the mission statement Munich eSports e.V. was founded on. And that’s why, in the future we will be partnering up to expand our reach and bring esports to as many people as possible.

Munich eSports was founded in 2019 by a group of university students and has since expanded rapidly. With competitive teams in games like CS:GO, League of Legends and many more, the organization does not only support its players but rather focuses on working with and for the community. Local events and nation wide tournaments are held with passion and have for some time now been organized with our input and support.

This is why we have planned a lot of exciting projects for the future that will combine our strengths and opportunities to bring you the best esports experience you can get. From joint tournaments to streaming and productions, through online and offline events, TSA and Munich eSports will work on established and new projects. Not enough? Alright here are some more specific spoilers on what you can expect:

  • Online and offline Smash tournaments with our custom tournament software
  • up-and-coming caster talents through the Caster Academy and Agency
  • Tournament production and Live Streaming directly from a location in Munich

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