DR!FT Licensed

Licensed Tournament organizer for DR!FT


Games like League of Legends and Counter Strike have been leading the traditional esports scene for a long time. Dr!ft however brings competitive digital gaming to a whole other level. The innovative project began in 2003 and has since heavily increased in popularity. Several awards as well as an ever growing community underline the quality of this hybrid game. The concept of controlling small model cars with a smartphone on every thinkable race course has earned the game a spot at the top of the hybrid games ranking.

From now on TSA will be eligible to hold its own Dr!ft tournaments thanks to the acquisition of an official Tournament licence. This will offer us the option to expand our events and community towards a whole new but already established target group. Our custom software will be able to fully support all facets of Dr!ft, from race organization to stat tracking and evaluation. We are looking forward some great upcoming tournaments revolving around this hybrid racing experience.

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