Our partners and sponsors

Here you can see all partners and sponsors that belong to the Tentelian family


Only the best for your Tentelian so that unlimited gaming is possible. Our demands are high on our gaming machines, therefore we only select the best possible components.

Commotron GmbH

As an IT service provider based in Fürstenfeldbruck near Munich, we have been supporting 2008 small, medium and large companies. You receive the complete Range of services from planning, installation, support of small and large Large projects on standard systems up to and including individual IT solutions.

Gamers Finest

The Gamers Finest Lounge offers a cosy atmosphere, good food, cold drinks and the possibility to play Magic: The Gathering, tabletop, board, online games and much more.


SteelSeries fires the gaming industry with innovative new products designed specifically for e-sports and passionate gamers around the world.

Munich eSports e.V.

Munich eSports e.V. was founded as an organization to help strengthen and grow the local esports scene, by providing an extensive community for casual gamers, competitive players and fans alike. With a string of teams successfully competing in countrywide tournaments across different game genres and tiers, as well as regular gaming events targeted at the casual audience, the club welcomes all that are interested in the world of gaming and esports.