TSA Fireball


1.1 "Best of" (Bo3/Bo5)
With a "Best of" you have the stated number of games available to win the majority of the games.

If the majority has already been exceeded in a smaller number of games, the other games will be dropped because the winner has already been decided.

A round in Bo1 consists of only one game.
1.2 Double Elimination with 1-2 games in the final
If you lose a round once, you are still participating in the tournament - in the lower bracket.

The tournament is not over for the participant until the second time you have been defeated in a round.

In the end, the still undefeated winner of the Upper Bracket and the winner of the Lower Bracket face in the final.

In the event that the last previously undefeated opponent (upper bracket) loses against the finalist from the lower bracket, there is a one-time reset and the final is played again.

All games are played in Bo3. Only the overall final takes place in a Bo5.
2.1 Eligibility
Players of all ages are eligible to participate, as long they’re in proof of the age of the required game, regardless of rank or console used, and have no restrictions on these points. The tournaments are aimed at players in the EU. Other players are welcome, but may have to accept bad server connections.
2.2 Number of participants
If the tournament takes place online, the number of participating teams is unlimited.
If the tournament takes place offline, the number of participants is limited to max. 16 teams limited.
2.3 Excluded Players
Players are not eligible to participate if they have been disqualified in a tournament within the last 3 months or if there is a strike in the last tournament.
3.1 Registration, Sign-up and Check-in
Registration, Sign-up and Check-in will be at tsa.gg.

The tournament times can be found in the overview. Organizations and teams that need support for their creation have to contact an admin at least 24 hours before check-in. Otherwise a registration in time can‘t be guaranteed.

Moderators and admins are not allowed to check in teams afterwards. The teams have to be in time at the specified times. If problems arise during check-in, admins must be notified during the check-in times on the TSA Discord Support Server TentelianSA.
3.2 Scheduling
Following times are planned:

- Bo3: 30 minutes

- Bo5: 45 minutes

Some brackets are streamed! This includes in particular the upper final, lower final and overal final. Casted brackets are highlighted in color in the tournament tree. A moderator opens lobbies for these brackets.

The TSA Fireball only takes place on individual days. It's not a series.
3.3 Cancellation
The minimum number of participants is 5. If there are only 4 or fewer registered or checked-in participants, the respective tournament will not take place.

If the appointment will be rescheduled, all teams that have already checked in will be reset. Registrations remain registered. If a team does not want to take part at the new date, it has to withdraw itself from the tournament.
4.1 Team Size
A team has to consist of 3 main players. It is possible to enter one sub-player. A team or player change is no longer possible after a team has checked in. The sub-player may not be used within a bracket, but it is possible to switch players within the registered team between the brackets.
4.2 Team Start / Adherence To Schedule / Lobby
The teams have to be in the lobby within 10 minutes of the start of the round.

If a team has missed the time slot, this must be reported to a moderator on the TSA Tournament Support Discord server.

Within the time specified in the tournament tree, the above team (blue) must create a lobby. The following settings must be observed:

- Football without mutators

- Series and team names

- Name and password given by the tournament tree

If the match is beeing casted, the bracket is highlighted in color and the lobby is created by the official streaming team.
4.3 Disconnection
If a player disconnected, the game continues without delay. The player is allowed to re-enter the current game at any time and to compensate for the handicap that has arisen.
4.4 FF, Exit and No-Show
A voluntary exit of a team between the rounds is tolerated as an exit from a current round (ff). Therefore please note that all players on a team always stay in the match until the scoreboard is shown and screenshots are made with all players! If there is a time limit for a player or a team, this must be communicated to the tournament management before the start of the tournament. In the event of an exit or a FF, the team will be excluded from the current tournament, regardless of whether it is in the lead, in the winner bracket or in the lower bracket.

As long as a team resigns itself and informs the tournament management, there is no disqualification or a strike and the team can register again for the next tournament. This does not affect to brackets which are marked for "streaming".
4.5 Cancellation and Restart of a Game
A game may be aborted and restarted again during the first minute, provided both teams agree, no goal has yet been scored and the tournament management is informed of this.
4.6 Score Notification
Each team has to take a screenshot after each game.

The first-named (above) team has to upload all these screens in the tournament tree, enter the goals of the two teams and save them accordingly.

If both teams have no result screens, the round must be repeated in a Bo1 and be closed by a moderator.

Entering further results is optional and can also be entered subsequently by the individual players. Submitting your results will help improve seeding for upcoming tournaments.
4.7 Sanctions
4.7.1 Warnings

In the event of a mistake or rule violation a warning will be given and you will be asked to remember this rule in the future. First and foremost, a warning does not entail any action, but if the rules are increasingly violated, this can also lead to a strike.

4.7.2 First Strike

A strike leads to an immediate exclusion from the current or following tournament events (if no tournament is active).

This also includes

- voluntary, not announced in advance, exit from the tournament "because no bother"

- No-show of a team

4.7.3 Second Strike / Disqualification

Two strikes within 3 tournaments lead to a disqualification and thus to the exclusion of the player or the team for a period of 3 months.

4.7.4 Taking Away the Sanctions

Sanctions received are tied to the participant and will be transferred to the new team if the team changes.

The official TSA point distribution for sanctions applies. This can be requested from an admin at any time.
5.1 Game Mode
The game is played in 3v3 standard soccer without mutators.
5.2 Game Settings
The number of games can be set to 3 or 5 (optional).

The lobby must be entered using the game name / pw so that action can be taken in an emergency. The access is given by the tournament tree.
5.3 Maps
All maps are permitted on which ranked games are possible in 3v3 standard mode. They don‘t include:

- bad weather conditions (snow & storm)

- Lab Maps

- Maps of other modes (Dropshot & Hoops)

- alternative map structures (ARCtagon, Badlands, Throwback Stadium, Tokyo Underground)
6.1 Code of Conduct
Friendly and respectful interaction is requested on all communication channels as well as in the streams.

Racist, sexist, radical, offensive expressions and other insults of any kind are prohibited and must remain with the player, streamer, caster or other contributor.

Postponing a match unnecessarily will not be tolerated.

Unsportsmanlike and negative behavior can lead to immediate exclusion from the tournament.
6.2 Game Mechanics
The game mechanics are not interfered with.
6.3 Chat Use in the Game
The use of the game chat is prohibited during a game. If the chat is necessary for the purpose of team-internal agreements, the settings have to be set to "only team chat" to prevent spamming.

A "gg" or similar at the end of a game is possible because the game is no longer in progress. Please be kind to everyone here too.

If the official streaming team and their observers are present in the lobby, their chat is deactivated. It is not possible to contact the streaming team via gamechat in the event of an emergency.
6.4 Chat use on Discord
For better communication between the individual participants, it is recommended to join the TSA Tournament Support Discord.
6.5 Communication on other platforms
Even when communicating on other platforms such as Twitch, Twitter, private messages, other servers, WhatsApp we welcome to be treated with respect and politeness.
7.1 Eligibility to Win
Teams that have correctly entered their team data in their organization serttings are eligible to win.
7.2 Payout
Prizes of any kind go to the organization of the team for internal forwarding and distribution.

All prize money will be paid out by the 5th of the following month by bank transfer or PayPal.

Material prizes will be sent to the team organization within 6-8 weeks after the tournament has ended.

The leader himself has to ensure that contact can be made with him. Ideally, this includes storing the DiscordID in the profile and being present on the TSA Tournament Support Discord server.
7.3 Prizes
There are no prizes for this tournament.

1st place: Role "Tournament Champion" on the TSA Tournament Support Discord Server
8.1 Changes
Changes can be made at any time for further tournaments. All actively participating teams must be informed of urgent changes.
8.2 Acceptance
By registering for the tournament, the team leader confirms that he has read and accepted the rules on behalf of his entire team.
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